Our mission is to provide inclusive programming, catering to underserved members of our community. This includes creating opportunities for students, ensuring programming accessibility, and offering support to mothers.

Accessible Programming

ISNA Cares is dedicated to equity, diversity, and inclusion. We want to ensure meaningful participation for all individuals, particularly children with disabilities and special needs. Children with special needs often face exclusion, but at ISNA we strive to foster an atmosphere of belonging.

Our accessible program combines Islamic education and social programming to promote active engagement and involvement of children with special needs within our community.

Support Groups


Parenting or caring for a family member can be incredibly challenging, often leaving individuals feeling isolated and overwhelmed. That’s why it’s crucial to have support while navigating these difficulties. ISNA Cares support groups provide a safe, non-judgmental environment where individuals can find solace and understanding. By offering emotional support, sharing knowledge, and providing coping mechanisms for stress, these groups become invaluable resources. Moreover, they serve as spaces for building social connections, fostering a sense of community and friendship among like-minded individuals.

Student Placements

ISNA Cares is an advocate for gaining practical knowledge and experiences. A practicum opportunity at ISNA Cares will provide students with valuable real-world experience and the chance to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical settings.

Through close supervision and guidance, a practicum with ISNA Cares will allow students the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their area of interest.