Various types of mental health or Islamic support provided to you with confidentiality by a member of our team.

Individual Counselling

Mental Health or Islamic support provided to you with confidentiality by a member of our team.

The individual therapy sessions are designed to meet clients’ unique needs. Whether you are facing ongoing problems, experiencing crises, dealing with stress, grief, bereavement, or having difficulty achieving your goals, our goal-oriented approach can help you overcome personal challenges, leading to improved well-being.


Family Counselling

At ISNA Cares, we offer family therapy that aims to enhance communication and relationships among family members, with the ultimate goal of fostering healthy and strong connections.

We offer a safe space for family members to openly discuss their issues and concerns, no matter the size or nature of the issues. Islamically informed counselling will guide your family towards creating a healthy family environment.

Premarital Counselling

Are you considering marriage (Nikah)? Contrary to common misconceptions, therapy is not only for those facing challenges. Pre-marital counselling provides valuable insights and skills to build a strong foundation for married life.

Our pre-marital counselling services include education and guidance on various aspects of marriage according to Islamic principles. Points of discussion may include: couple’s expectations and assumptions, learning healthy communication and conflict management skills, financial responsibility, and understanding gender differences.

Marital Counselling

Maintaining a healthy marriage requires continuous effort and dedication. Marital counselling can help you work through the various issues impacting your relationships to establish a harmonious marriage based on compromise and understanding. Through an incorporation of Islamic principles, the therapist can help you address unresolved issues, improve communication, and engage in collective decision making, guiding you towards an improved and fulfilling marriage.

Religious Counselling

Through our counselling services, you can easily connect with an Imam to address any psycho-spiritual challenges.

Our counsellors recognize the importance of spirituality and faith in your life. Henceforth, we provide valuable techniques and tools aimed at deepening your connection to your religious beliefs. Through a process of recognizing and transforming any psychological behaviours that may be incongruent with your faith, individuals can improve their psychological wellbeing and their relationship with Islam.