OPS Counselling Portal

Booking Guide for OPS Employees

ISNA Canada is an EAP Counselling Provider for Ontario Public Service Employees.

To book your appointment, please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Contact Dalton Associates

Provide the name of one of the ISNA Canada approved therapists that you would like to schedule with (Danish Sheikh, Duha al Nadvi, Mohammed Bemat, and Selma Lacemi). Upon doing so, you will receive a Unique Client Identification Number (UCIN).

Phone: 1-888-212-8727

Email: info@opsinclusivecounselling.ca

Step 2: Complete the ISNA Canada Intake Form

After receiving the UCIN, please complete the ISNA Canada Intake form. Upon submission, you will receive a code to access the therapist’s availability within 24 hours.

Step 3: Book Appointment

After completing the intake and having received the passcode, you may schedule your appointment.

For any comments or concerns, please email ops@isnacares.ca

OPS Therapist Availability

Intake Form