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Who We Are


ISNA Cares represents a specialized division within ISNA Canada, focusing primarily on addressing matters concerning mental health and social welfare.

ISNA Cares is dedicated to promoting and safeguarding the mental and spiritual well-being of Muslims by offering comprehensive and easily accessible counselling, essential assistance, and education.

Our Impact


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ISNA Cares is dedicated to supporting the community by providing accessible mental health and disability services. In 2022, our efforts yielded remarkable outcomes as we proudly extended assistance to more than 650 clients, with more than 1000 hours of free counselling services. Additionally, ISNA Cares facilitated an Accessible Qur’an Program for 20 children with disabilities. We provided 237 bereavement calls and dedicated 150 hours of hospital visitations, extending support to those navigating grief and health challenges.

ISNA Cares’ impact goes beyond numbers; our achievements show our dedication to supporting and caring for the community through accessible mental health and disability services.

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Rest assured that our compassionate counsellors are here to actively listen, offer assistance, and connect you with resources if needed. Our services are completely confidential and free from judgment. Count on us to be there for you when you need support the most.

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Programs We Offer

Some of our most popular programs that we currently offer.